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    JOIN / SIGN IN How loneliness could be changing your brain and body

    People were already lonely before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Before COVID-19 stranded folks at home and made getting close to others an unnerving experience, researchers were realizing Americans were lonelier than ever. A  2018 study from health care insurer Cigna found that 54% of 20,000 Americans surveyed reported feeling lonely. In the span of a bit more than a year, the number rose to 61%. Generation Z adults 18-22 years old are supposedly the loneliest generation, outpacing Boomers, Gen X and Millennials, despite being more connected than ever.   Why we get lonely Loneliness might conjure images of being apart from friends and family, but the feeling runs much deeper than not having…

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    How to Avoid Burnout in the Middle of a Pandemic

    Know the signs of burnout “Knowing the signs of burnout are really important,” Ziegler says. What stage you might be in will vary, and it’ll look a little bit different for everyone. People who are burned out are often detached from others, feel drained and unable to cope, and lack their usual energy. They also often experience physical symptoms such as headaches or stomachaches. As Ziegler points out, it’s normal to be stressed and anxious, given everything that is going on. But just because this stress is understandable doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to cope. Stay connected with others We may have to practice physical distancing, but that doesn’t mean we…

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    How Blueberries Became a Superfood

    How Blueberries Became a Superfood Thanks to savvy marketing, science, and luck, blueberries helped usher in a new era of health food obsession. Superfoods are made, not born. Illustration by Sarah Tanat-Jones. In December 1996, John Sauve, then-executive director of the Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA), received an unexpected fax. It contained an article from the latest issue of AgResearch titled: “Plant Pigments Paint a Rainbow of Antioxidants.” At first, Sauve wasn’t sure what to make of the article. Like most people at the time, he had no real idea what antioxidants were: they were only just starting to enter the public consciousness, thanks to the emergence of mutually supportive research…

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    How one hour of slow breathing changed my life

    How one hour of slow breathing changed my life  ‘We’ve been conditioned to breathe too much as well as eat too much’: James Nestor. Photograph: Mark Mahaney/The Observer The place looked like something out of an old horror film: all paint-chipped walls, dusty windows, and menacing shadows cast by moonlight. I walked through a gate, up a flight of creaking steps, and knocked on the door. When it swung open, a woman in her 30s with woolly eyebrows and oversize white teeth welcomed me inside. She asked me to take off my shoes, then led me to a cavernous living room, its ceiling painted sky blue with wispy clouds. I…

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    Why you should take up yoga if you want to be a better runner

    Jessica Skye wants to mix up your marathon training — chiefly, by lying down and putting your feet up. The Nike ambassador and founder of Fat Buddha Yoga isn’t your typical running guru: she surfs, she DJs and, most importantly, she downward dogs a number of times a week. And she says you should too, if you want to run better. Yoga and running may feel like very separate tribes but, in fact, they are the perfect union, Skye insists. Yoga is the yin to running’s yang: it fills the gaps running leaves in its wake, boosting stability, improving breathing and helping to prevent injury, especially when you’re tapering before…

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    Climate change could hinge on microbes

    Microbes quite literally support all of life on Earth. They are the very bottom of the food chain, no matter where you look, and regulate a number of processes critical to all of us. They are also the vast majority of life forms on the planet, outnumbering every other living thing by staggering amounts. But in the vast majority of cases, we have yet to understand how they will be impacted by climate change—and how in turn they will affect how climate change unfolds. More than 30 microbiologists signed a statement published in Nature Reviews Microbiology yesterday (June 19) intended to put “humanity on notice” about the risk of ignoring…

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    Solar eclipse: Eye health warning

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    Get more nutrition in every bite

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    Color your Hair

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