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    How Blueberries Became a Superfood

    How Blueberries Became a Superfood Thanks to savvy marketing, science, and luck, blueberries helped usher in a new era of health food obsession. Superfoods are made, not born. Illustration by Sarah Tanat-Jones. In December 1996, John Sauve, then-executive director of the Wild Blueberry Association of North America (WBANA), received an unexpected fax. It contained an article from the latest issue of AgResearch titled: “Plant Pigments Paint a Rainbow of Antioxidants.” At first, Sauve wasn’t sure what to make of the article. Like most people at the time, he had no real idea what antioxidants were: they were only just starting to enter the public consciousness, thanks to the emergence of mutually supportive research…

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    Get more nutrition in every bite

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